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Business Services

Interactive Data Dashboards

Whether you require a warehouse dashboard or an operations dashboard, we can tailor one to suit your individual business requirements. Your Data, in your language, as you want it! 

Software Development& Application Extensions

As our customer base continues to grow we are now building simple applications that we can add as extensions to your  current ERP system from as little as £500.

Business Intelligence & Report Writing

You know how to run your business and you also know the importance of having accurate, concise data at your finger tips. We can help pull your knowledge and data together to create a masterpiece! 

Development & Automation

Taking a look at your manual processes we can advise on any business areas where our development and automation experts could save you precious time and money! From simple process tweaks to more complicated solutions, we never miss an opportunity to help you save.



Here at Mr H IT, we care and we're happy to share! We will give you the tools to become self sufficient and  the Master of your own destiny.

Our Expert Consultants are available for 1-1 or group onsite training sessions for any Syspro modules and processes. Our Expert Report and Document Writers have the technical savvy and teaching skills to unlock the door and pass you the key! Whether it be standard Syspro Reporting Service, Crystal Reports or SQL Views in Excel. You will have your Data, how you want it, whenever you want it and at the click of a button!


At the heart of Mr H IT is a valued, and respected team of dedicated individuals working together to achieve personal and professional results. We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and strive to be the best in our field.

Our customers welcome the expertise and mindset we bring, often making requests for our resources to be on-site full time. We find ourselves recruiting on their behalf.

If you would like to be part of our successful team, or if you have a vacancy, contact us and we would be happy to do a resource match!


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Certificates of Conformity

Using the data captured within Syspro and the standard functionality of SRS we have produced detailed 'Certificate of Conformities' for quality purposes, to send to customers, with composition data of the items manufactured, lot numbers, and processes by which they were manufactured. This includes details such as 'Cure Dates' and 'Cast Numbers' for traceability and quality management purposes.

BOM where used reports

We have written various reports that take the BOM where used reporting to another level. Allowing you to drill down into your sales for example to look at what materials you used and indeed what materials made what sales...

Warranty system

Using the standards serial tracking in Syspro we have managed to turn this into a warranty system. We have built a system that allows the serial number to have transactions and history such as service interval data. Work that may have been completed on the item in the past can also be recorded. All of this data can then be reported on in case of a warranty claim when basic date of manufacture just isn't enough.



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