In to GREAT? How SYSPRO Integration Improves Company Performance

How SYSPRO Integration Improves Company Performance

Over the years your organisation has put in place bullet proof business processes that assist in the smooth running of day to day operations. Steadily, as time goes by the company has grown, you have employed more staff, increased the number of departments and the number of software applications and business processes have multiplied. Suddenly you are seeing:

  • A lack of communication between departments and business partners

  • Time delays between processes

  • Repetitive bi-directional data entry

  • Increased running costs with no sign of improved ROI

For many, today’s business environment requires systems and applications that integrate and ‘talk’ with each other to eradicate process bottlenecks, remove repetitive data entry and improve the visibility of critical data. SYSPRO is a proficient ERP system for manufacturing and distribution organisations, enabling the management of finances, customers, and suppliers. However, if you rely on other applications and software within your business, such as a CRM system, eCommerce solution or warehouse management system, then these need to be integrated with SYSPRO to make sure that you have full visibility into real-time data, allowing you to make critical business decisions. A lack of system integration can cause productivity issues, delays in production, disjointed business processes and competitive weakness. Process automation will help you eradicate manual processes, such as rekeying data from other data sources such as Excel spread sheets. BPA Platform for SYSPRO can provide you with drag and drop integration tools to integrate SYSPRO with practically any on-premises or cloud-based application at a fraction of the cost of bespoke development. Its drag and drop technology ensures that you can rapidly automate business processes to reduce operational costs and improve company performance.

Integration with business partner applications

All business transactions with trading partners will ultimately result in the transfer of data. It could take the form of an XML file transfer or simply an order being received. Regardless of the type and nature of the data, you are often required to integrate this with SYSPRO or pass data to trading partner systems. This is both time-consuming and costly for employees to process. Through BPA Platform you can automatically integrate data passed from other applications e.g. EDI files with SYSPRO. Furthermore, this module can also push data to other external business applications.

Automating sales order workflow

If an order has been placed in SYSPRO, BPA Platform can create a workflow and send the order to the warehouse. The warehouse can the return the dispatch details, such as tracking numbers etc. When the workflow has been completed BPA Platform can then despatch the items in SYSPRO and raise the invoices. Similarly, all purchase orders raised in another system, such as a product development product, could be pushed into SYSPRO. This automation process will reduce manual processing and provide a significant return on ROI.

Enabling business applications to work together

Adding integration capabilities to SYSPRO will revolutionise your business, but what if you need notifications, document automation or workflow capabilities as well? BPA Platform comes with alerting and document automation capabilities as standard and you can purchase workflow capabilities. In short, you can extend your platform in line with your needs. Tailoring an integration or automated process when using BPA Platform can be achieved by anyone with a basic understanding of your database structures by using an easy to use interface providing a code free environment for practically any number of integrations and automated processes. This ties up any loose ends within your organisation to ensure that the business runs more effectively with data seamlessly synchronised between systems and automatically distributed to whoever needs it at the most relevant time, set to the business rules you define. 

Some of the business benefits that can be achieved through BPA Platform include:

  • Reduced integration time frames and development costs

  • Removal of process bottlenecks

  • Improved visibility of critical data

  • Removal of repetitive data entry

  • Reduced operational costs and increased ROI

For more information on BPA Platform please visit Codeless Platforms. If you would like to discuss your business process automation strategy, please contact [Melanie Ford] by emailing [] or telephone [07488 346203 ] to arrange a demonstration.

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