Mr H.IT now partnering with AWINGU!

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting people and organisations all over the world, the need for secure homeworking solutions is higher than ever before. As always, Mr H.IT has endevoured to research, source and provide our customers with the best solution to fill the gap! We are proud to announce that we are now Certified Awingu Resellers and have partnered with Awingu to bring you all the benefits without you doing the leg work!

Awingu is a very simple and cost efficient remote working solution. It can easily be added into your existing IT environment: your office desktops, your intranet, your server based computing, your file servers. It is not intrusive, and builds on what you have in place today.

End-users can access these resources (desktops, files, applications) remotely from a browser. Nothing needs to be installed on the device. Just a browser is needed. Awingu furthermore adds security layers such as MFA, encryption and auditing. This is not a time for compromise! Unlike VPN, it is a lot less sensitive to bandwidth requirements. An average user will consume only 80-100Kb (up & down).

With Awingu, users can use any device, including their private laptop or desktop, to stay productive. They can take remote control of their office desktop, or, get access to your applications and files.

If you like what you see in the 1 minute overveiw below, contact us for a demo!

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